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Welcome To The Ewing Oil Homepages Page Of Dallas Sounds.

Hi Welcome to the Ewing Oil Homepages Page Of Dallas Sounds hope you enjoy the sounds I got here there will be more coming soon. be sure to email me and sign my guestbook if you have any questions or comments.

Thanks, Jesse Campbell

Download Some Versions of The Dallas Theme!

The Dallas Theme From the TV Themes CD (suppisingly differnt from other themes)
Download The Opening Theme In wav Format!
A Midi Version of the Opening Theme!
The 1978 Dallas theme In Real Audio
1984 Dallas theme (In My Opionion One of the best) In real Audio
1985 Dallas Theme in Real Audio
1990 Dallas Theme (Another one of My favorites) in Real Audio
JR Returns theme in Real audio
The theme from War Of The Ewings In Real Audio

Download Some Cool Dallas Voice Clips!

A fight between Jr and Bobby with Jock Intervening.
(credit for this wav goes to JR_Dallas from the Ewing&Ewing Website and member of #Ewing_Oil)
Yet another Fight Between Jr And Bobby With Jock intervening.
Jr And Jock.
Possibly Jock's most famous line "Dont Tell Me What I Mean Boy!"

E_Mail me your Dallas WAV Requests!

Send me your request for Dallas Wavs and I'll do my best to get them for you and post them here.