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A Breif History Of The Ewing Oil Company

In the 1927 Jock Ewing founded the Ewing Oil Company, with 2 partner's ,Digger Barnes And his Brother Jason Ewing. All Jason and Digger wanted to do though was drink So on his 6'th well Jock Put the rights Solely in his name. Ewing 6 was the biggest well they had struck when it had came, and in when Digger had learned that Jock had put the rights to the well solely in his name he went berserk and tried to kill Jock. Thus the Ewing-Barnes Fued is born. In the 1960 after Jocks son, Jr Ewing came home from Vietnam Jock Retired and made Jr President of the company Jock still remained chairman of the board however and thats how Ewing Oil started.